Gallery Update

Exciting new pieces have arrived this week which are now up in our freshly reorganized gallery, come and have a browse! Along with new artwork, our ready-made frames have also been restocked and with more on the way.
In a wonderful new addition to Sevenoaks Art Shop we now stock beautiful, unique lamps from Retro Lamp Works which add character to any room.

July in Colour: Quentin Blake and more

A window to celebrate summer-time reading and making art. There is something about the bright mid-summer that invites dreaming, it is a time for disappearing into the garden for reading about far-away places and kingdoms. We have a print of Peter Pan created out of the full text of the book, a perfect gift for dreamers young and old. Proving to be a huge hit with our customers we have acquired editions of Quentin Blake illustrations of our favourite Roald Dahl stories. You might be going to see The BFG at the cinema, but did you know that there is currently a spectacular exhibition of Quentin Blake's illustrations of The BFG at the House of Illustration in London?

As the summer holidays draw nearer, school leavers all over are celebrating their achievements. What better than to have a momento of that day when you sign your best friend's shirt? We have lots of fabricolor pens in stock just for the occassion. They are also ideal for decorating t-shirts, caps, plimsolls, bags ...

Gilding Inspiration

Nothing says sumptuous more than an elegantly gilded frame. There is a certain kind of crafty thrill which comes from gilding interesting found objects and collectibles. It can be just the thing to bring some shimmer to a tired picture frame, or a lamp, or seashells, perhaps a piece of furniture if you're feeling adventurous. A gilded letter edge for would make extravagant wedding invitations.

We have a range of gilding supplies in a variety of bright metallic hues - from Treasure Gold wax and Liquid Leaf bright metallics to Goldfinger gilt cream. They are so simple to use, and can be applied to so many different surfaces.