Window Mount

The standard mounting option for most photographs and prints, this mounting technique is the best for conserving artwork as it is used to keep the glass from sitting directly onto the artwork and also requires the least amount of sticking/attaching, therefore the least damaging in the long run. 


Double Mount

Much the same as the standard window but with and added layer to add more depth and interest into the final look of the frame. This mounting technique can be used to bring in a highlight colour from the artwork without over powering the image. 


Lay on Mount

A lay on mount technique is best used when artwork has an uneven or interesting edge that you would not like to be covered by a traditional window mount. To achieve this look we do have to attach the artwork directly to the mount board which will affect the value if framing an original or limited edition piece. When using this technique the glass would sit directly onto the artwork unless you also add a window mount (as pictured on the left)


Float Mount

Float mounting is a very contemporary way to display artwork, again this technique suits work with a rough edge. The artwork is attached to thick foam board  which is then attached to the mount board to mimic a floating effect. This process requires a deeper box frame with fillets that hold the glass away from the artwork, staff at Sevenoaks Art Shop are always happy to advise what is needed to achieve this look.


V-Grooves, lines and washes

All three of these techniques are used to embellish mounts to compliment and enhance any artwork. From simple lines that are hand drawn in any colour desired to cutting in a bevelled grooved to add a little extra touch to the frame design. Pictured to the left is one silver line and a V-groove design.